Boundaries, Screens & Distancing
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Adapting your existing furniture to accommodate the "new office normal" is a key to reassuring employees that their work-place is safe. At Sam Clar we have multiple solutions to adapt your existing furniture to today's standards, regardless of the brand.

The three core furniture principals to create a safe work-space are:  

  • Boundaries
  • Screens  
  • Orientation 

Boundaries Boundaries mark the end of one area and beginning of another. Barriers can be free-standing panels or planters, or can be integrated onto the end of a panel or benching run. Replacing a screen with integrated gallery panels is illustrated below:

Barrier 1

Create separation by providing temporary barriers with free-standing panels. This is a fast and cost efficient method for creating safe distance. The image below reflects a restaurant example: 

restaurant v2

Screens Screens provide physical division between individuals. As with barriers, screens can be integrated into existing furniture, can be free-standing, or mobile. A free-standing plexi-glass screen, and integrated wrap-around screen are shown below:

screen options

Orientation Orientation speaks to physically moving furniture so employees are not in a face-to-face environment. Sam Clar offers product that can be moved by the user (such as Allsteel's A8 and Further products) and does not require a furniture installer to re-orient.  The example below shows a linear layout, converted into a re-oriented pin-wheel layout: pinwheel before and after

Download our Screens & Boundaries, Screens, & Distancing Catalog:

We have assembled a continually evolving catalog of products to create a safe distance environment.To download the catalog Please complete the form below, and a representative from our team will contact you within the next business day to review the best options for your requirement. 


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