Excess Furniture Mangement
Storage, Disposal, & Liquidation

Many of us will be returning to offices with significantly reduced employee head counts. To encourage safe-distancing compliance, best practices include removing any excess product that would allow employees to violate the 6' clear space guidelines.  Furniture removal can be accomplished by: 

  • Secure off-site storage
  • Professional disposal 
  • Donation or liquidation  

The operations team at Sam Clar stands ready to assist you in implementing the best option for your specific situation. 

Secure Storage:

Recommended for products less than 5 years old and with an original unit cost of more than $500. Our team can provide you all the costs associated with transportation (removal and re-delivery), and the on-going monthly storage costs. each item is photographed, inventoried, and maintained in a secure warehouse. Product_Acuity_Mesh-Green_1.1

Professional Disposal: 

Recommended for products with an original unit cost of less than $500. Regardless of the age, these products are not designed for long-term use, and any residual value would be lost in storage fees. Our team will provide costs and fees associated with removal, transport and professional disposal. 



Furniture Liquidation

Recommended for large inventories (50 seated positions or more) of product 3 years old or less, and with an original  unit cost of over $500 per chair and $1,250 per benching station or equivalent. Liquidation is  100% market driven, and it is now a buyer's (liquidators) market. 


What is Best For You?

Our team is ready to help you find the best option for your specific situation.   Please complete the form below, and a representative from our team will contact you within the next business day to start the process.



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